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ABS has created an electrolyte-free and air-independent energy storage platform technology that offers an order of magnitude higher power and energy density than conventional technologies. Learn more about our products below.


BattCell is an electrolyte-free and air-independent battery/fuel cell (BattCell) device that produces a very high current density and power density when the cell is activated. The technology is based on the revolutionary nanostructure biomimetic reagent-free membrane platform technology. Our innovative technology offers an advantage over the proton-exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyte approach.

  • The BattCell technology provides high power density and high energy density;

  • 10-100-fold lighter weight, smaller volume while achieving superior safety and portability profiles;

  • There is no refueling, heater, or cooling fan;

  • Non-flammable, no carbon dioxide emission, and no leaching

  • Wide temperature range and stable with changing temperatures;

  • More than 90% high efficiency of charge/discharge against normal 70% efficiency;

  • Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic manufacturing process

  • The prototype devices have demonstrated scaling up capability;

  • Easy to recharge, no regular maintenance

  • Electrolyte free and Air-independent



The Weakness of the Conventional Technology:

  • Current technology is oxygen and catalyst dependent

  • Heavy (30 ib) and needs space for lots of extra equipment – i.e., fuel, oxygen tanks, humidifier

  • Dangerous and toxic!!

  • Energy is not renewable.

  • Short discharge time

  • Need frequent recharge

MemCap(R) offers advantages with greater performance characteristics:

  • Higher energy and power density; 

  • Air-independent, electrolyte-free; 

  • No need for refueling, heater or cooling fan; 

  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, non-leaching;

  • Wide temperature range (-20 to 55°C tested) and stable; 

  • Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic manufacturing process; 

  • 100 times lighter in weight and smaller in volume; 

  • Easy to recharge, no regular maintenance needed; 

  • Less expensive - no costly metal catalyst. 

  • Reversible with low frequency to high frequency switchable without noise. 

  • Application for wearable with light weight energy storage devices 

  • Reduce operational energy by 30%

mem cap.jpg

Pioneer Q(R)

ABS team has developed a new type of superconductive/mem-element qubit device used for room temperature sensing, memory storage, and quantum computing, without an external magnetic field applied, based on a self-powered electron-relay system with 150k Flexible Toroidal Josephson Junctions (FFTJJ) arrays built. 

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